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Rudolf finds more Willys: CJ-2A & CJ-3A in Bali

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Check out the rims on the CJ-2A.  I’ve never seen rims quite like those.  I don’t have any specific information, other than the pics.




9 Comments on “Rudolf finds more Willys: CJ-2A & CJ-3A in Bali

  1. mark

    I believe those same rims were on that 6×6 custom M-38 you featured late last year. That may have been from Bali as well.

  2. Mike Myers

    that first jeep is an MB or GPW…..9-slot grille, full floater, short sheet metal panel windshield frame without Willys stamping, correct military style bracketry for a military top, no provisions for a civillian top….it does have a CJ2A hood… could be a civllian tub on a military frame, but i would still lean to this one being more millitary than civillian 🙂

    still a nice find….i would love to see more of it….

  3. Bob OB

    On jeep#1 the contraption behind the windshield appears to be a pair of binoculars mounted on top of a motion picture camera. It seems that Balibubba thought of everything.

  4. deilers

    Bob: Your are correct on the rims. You can just make them out on the rear of the 6×6 (I didn’t notice them previously)

    Mike: I noticed the rear hubs about the time I was going to post and pondered what type of franken jeep it might be. Then I looked at the clock and thought I’d better get bed, so I published it as is 🙂
    I have some larger images I can send you directly that will allow you to explore it a little more if you are interested.

  5. Paul

    The grille on the second Jeep looks a little funky, don’t know if it’s modified or non Willys. The driver must have been a short little dude for the seat back roll bar to have offered any protection.

  6. frank

    That grille kind of looks like the one on the jeep in the Kruse museum you posted a while back. It’s the Jeep with the leakage issue on the museum floor.

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