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Check out this photo from Offroad Action

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I was checking out Wes’ Offroad Action site the other day and ran across this amazing photo.  There is no evidence to support the rumor that the driver was texting just before this occurred (in fact, texting was a few decades away yet).  But, I’ll make the claim anyway.  See kids, particularly my kids, don’t text and drive off road!

Click on the pic to see a larger version and to see other pics of this CJ-5 Camper Combo.


9 Comments on “Check out this photo from Offroad Action

  1. Kevin

    Based on seeing the tail-end of a wrecker, it is apparent the owner paid a big wrecker bill…and needed a better GPS to find LasVegas.

  2. Steve

    Notice that they exited the vehicle quickly and didn’t bother to close the door…………………….

  3. deilers

    I’m thinking this is the day after he found Las Vegas … aka Hangover 4 Wheeling!

    John: You mean you have the exact camper? Or one like it? Either way, they are pretty rare. If you want to send me some pics at I wouldn’t hate you for it 🙂

  4. John

    I drove it very little, Less than a 1/2 mile.
    It’s was a different experience!
    Just the size of the Camper dwarfing the 5 with poor viability is scary enough!
    The added weight with 40 year old worn steering, suspension and the polyglas bias ply tires didn’t help.
    I have swapped out the green 73 CJ5 for a frame off Canadian built 69 CJ5 with California emissions on the 225 “kind of odd”.
    The 5 is pretty interesting as well, It was one of the very last to be built from the Windsor plant, And it was optioned roll bar delete.
    I’ve searched around the net and have found serial #’s saying it’s believed the last V6 CJ5 to be built, But my serial number (355038) is higher, So if anyone knows some info, Please chime in.
    From what I’ve found, The 5 was built June/July of 69 and the Camper was built August of 69.
    The Windsor plant closed on July 25, 1969.
    I would be happy to assist anyone with info for articles or photos when I get around to completing it.


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