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1942 GPW Seattle, Wa $4999 ****SCAM****


UPDATEIII: Now on ebay

UPDATE II: You can view larger pics here:
of this fake ad.  The seller will only take payment via Google Checkout because he is in such a hurry.  Paul points out something I missed — this has an 8″ lift … or not! Thanks to John for detective work on this one.

UPDATED:  John alerted me that this GPW is also listed for sale in Chicago.  Since neither ad mentions the jeep being in either city, be on a scam watch just to be safe.

This could be a reasonable price.  Appears in good shape.  The hood blocks are in a strange location.

“1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep – 4-cyl eng. side valves, 134 CID (2199 cc), 60 hp (45 kW).
The compact military jeep 1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep. Here’s your chance to own a unique piece of genuine military history
steel seats, hinged passenger front seat .The small four-wheel drive utility vehicles are considered iconic and inspired many similar Light Utility Vehicles over the years. Later evolved into the “CJ” civilian Jeep
Other: Oil Filter; oil filled mesh; 1 throat carburetor, manual choke, exhaust/intake at driver’s side, intake heated via exhaust/bimetal control spring. 6 Volt DC generator, Failsafe automatic fuse.
Original 3-speed manual transmission,
Original transfer case
Hydraulic Wilwood Clutch,
44 rear axle,
Edelbrock carb.,
Edelbrock intake,
New wiring,
Heavy-duty radiator,
Sunpro gauges,
8″ lift kit with Rancho steering stabilizer,
New gas tank”


7 Comments on “1942 GPW Seattle, Wa $4999 ****SCAM****

  1. Paul

    This Jeep has the shortest 8 inch lift kit I’ve ever seen. Edelbrock made an aftermarket intake manifold for the original engine? A 6 volt generator with a 12 volt system??? This ad has an odor of fertilizer.

  2. Matt

    I always look at the pictures. If you see palm trees but live in the north. The style of houses do not match the advertised area. It probibly is a scam.

  3. John

    I received an email from the “owner” and was offered the same deal at $2950. The guy said it was on a military base in Arizona. Go figure.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks John. Did he mention any unusual payment methods? That’s another part of the scam …

  5. John

    Here’s what the email said: “Here is a beautiful 1942 GPW Military Jeep that has been very well restored and maintained, runs and drives like a dream. It is in absolutely pristine condition, here are some photos to prove my point. Please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser window.

    The Jeep is currently located at approximately five miles of Fort Huachuca, AZ. stored in military compound. It’s available for immediate pick-up but it could also be transported free of charge by a military carier (Estimated Shipping Time: 2-3 business days). I’m looking for a quick sale, that’s why I’ve reduced the asking price at $2950, to avoid wasting time with negotiations and find a buyer before my upcoming deployment take place.”

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