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1944 MB Filer, Id $3200

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UPDATE:  Still Available. Price bumped to $3200.

(06/22/2010) You gotta check out the mods on this jeep.  I can’t remember seeing a cable roller installed quite the way this one was done.  Check out the front fenders, too.

“Ok here goes… To the best of my knowledge this is a 1944 willys military jeep. Vehicle has no title and is being sold as parts. Gussett no. is 244,0xx. Some one has done extensive modification to this jeep ! get ready ! Its got a f-85 olds six cylinder engine (non running)  A PTO SHIFTER AND THE PTO GEAR BOX FROM A CJ JEEP. (Drive line currently to PTO gear box is hooked into axle winch). The pto gear box seems firm but the Pto shifter wont shift with normal pressure, im not going to force it ! possibly will need dismantled and gone threw or may just need cleaned   Extra rear axle converted to a winch with lots of cable, the winch cable is to the front of the jeep thru rollers. Electrical plug in socket in rear panel( I beleive this is origional) IT ALL SO HAS A CORVETTE T10 BORG WARNER TRANSMISSION,  WAS  FOR 1963 IMPALLA 409 SS or corvette 327 APPLICATION ORIGIONALLY ( T10148B  T10D-1) the transmissions origional tail shaft is now replaced with the transfer case and PTO to make every thing in sinc. There are a lot of extra parts that go with the Jeep,i wont list but you will see in pics. this jeep also has a tilt steering colum ! I beleive it has a m38  windshield. Ive discribed jeep the best i can, between pics and discription you shoud get a good discription, That said vehicle, or parts come with no warrenty . If jeep doesnt reach reserve, but if i so choose to still sell to higest bidder, the transmission will not be included in sale, but will be included for a additional 600 dollars.”


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