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1953 CJ-V35/U Newton, Ut **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3000.

Lindsey noted this might be a CJ-V35, given the hood cut-out and the tow hooks. 

“This was licensed in 2009. It was parked when owner had a stroke. Motor is out of a 45 and was rebuilt as his sons highschool project. I’m helping a disabled gentleman who still owns this. Make an offer via text or email.”


One comment on “1953 CJ-V35/U Newton, Ut **SOLD**

  1. J.R. Welsh


    I think there is a very good chance this is a CJ-35V. In one of the dash shots you can see two data tags and one is oval like some of the Navy property tags. Wish I had the money I’d look into this. J.R.

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