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Sometimes They Break …

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Gerald found two more pics Ron May’s Jeep, which show what can happen when you drive off course.  You’ve seen this first one.


One comment on “Sometimes They Break …

  1. Bob

    Tri-County, in Lisbon, Ohio, used to have one of the best obstacle courses around before they took up most of it with a new drag strip. They used to have a “teeter-totter” you had to go over, which after it got covered with mud was something to see. They had 4 foot deep mudholes and trees all over the place. It was not unusual for a jeep to go flying up a tree or upside down in the mud. They had tow jeeps and safety people all over the place to pull the jeeps out and make sure drivers got out safe. It was great until they took most of it up for the drags.

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