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Wolfgang’s Travel Trailer & M-38

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Wolfgang lives in Germany and has a great looking M-38.  But, I think that travel trailer is equally cool.  It was built in Belgium in 1977 and the model is a Coral T3.

BTW Wolfgang is looking for a Bell Crank.  Anyone have an extra one?  Just email me at

Here’s the shot of the trailer:

Wolfgang and some friends were out jeeping recently.  As you can see, he’s not afraid to get it dirty, either.

I thought this was a really cool shot.  They are crossing a river on a small ferry.  The town in the background looks so picturesque!


One comment on “Wolfgang’s Travel Trailer & M-38

  1. J.R. Welsh


    After some thought it occured to me, what is an M38 doing over there ?? I could see an MB etc. but M38………………..there has to be a good story there somewhere…………. J.R.

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