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eWillys Quick Response (QR) Code


I just got done reading about the ‘boom’ in the use of QR codes among business people in Idaho.  I really hadn’t paid attention to this technology, but then i thought that putting these codes on the back of a business card might just make sense.  So, I thought I’d try generating an eWillys code for kicks.

To see what the code does, first you will need a smart phone (despite my fondness for apple computers, I have an Android Galaxy S Phone which I really like).

You will need to install barcode scanner software (I installed Barcode Scanner from ZXing Team, which I read about here).

Once you install the software, open the program and point it at the image above and it should bring up a link to eWillys on your phone.  I thought it was cool!

To generate your own Code for your business (or for any reason), you can drop by  It takes only a few seconds to generate one.


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