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No Updates Tonight — Am Moving (to a new computer)


For 4 1/2 years I’ve lived on this Macbook Pro Laptop, through three different batteries and 3 power cords; To its credit, it has been a dependable, daily workhorse.  It has outlasted my previous 2 Mac laptops I owned.  That’s probably because, unlike the other two, this one has never been dropped on the pavement. To be fair, both laptops I dropped were useable after I dropped them, but the dents were obvious.

Despite the dependability, there have been a few recent problems.  For example, the animation of windows opening or closing would cause the poor thing to freeze, the Safari Browser was crashing daily from Flash (ok, maybe that isn’t all that unusual) and, worst of all, the computer was demonstrating fits of jealousy over the computing power of my Droid phone.  The letters on the keyboard have even become blurry, though after I have a beer they seem easier to read.  Finally, to get the thing to charge requires gymnastics, pagan worship, and constant maintenance.  So, I knew it was time to upgrade.

Fortunately, I was blessed this month with some extra money and pulled the trigger a few days ago, ordering a new 17″ MacBook Pro ( — By ordering from J&R I saved $180 on the discount, versus Apple’s list price, plus about $170 in sales tax, for total savings of $350!).  So, I get to reorganize all my files and play with the new system.  Should keep me busy!

See you tomorrow!


5 Comments on “No Updates Tonight — Am Moving (to a new computer)

  1. Bob

    David, nice. I have a 13″ macbook pro at work…very fast machine…I do refuse to go the Droid route though. I’m waiting for either 1) verizon to come to their senses on their data plan for the iPhone, or 2) to switch to AT&T. I want my phone to interact seamlessly with my Mac.

  2. deilers

    Bob: After using iTunes with my video ipod, I learned I don’t like using iTunes, which is the reason I went with the Droid. I can snap 100pics with my camera, plug in my usb cord, mount the droid with a button click, and down load all the pics very quickly to the exact folder I want them. I found the process more awkward with an iPhone I tested, just as it was with my ipod, so I went with the Droid. The UI of the iPhone is still a little better, but for my needs, the Droid works for now.

    Sean: In 2003 a Company I co-founded in the Bay Area was using Flash to create a Desktop OS that blended the computer with the web. We were working with Adobe pretty closely. The one thing we couldn’t overcome was that Flash works differently on the PC and Mac and Adobe was refusing to address the issue. So, we walked away from the development we completed and chose a different path. So, I avoid Flash anytime I can.

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