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L-134 Little Falls, NJ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

This might work for someone.

“L134 Engine block, it was running when I took it out of the jeep about 6 moths ago. The guy I bought the jeep off of said he had the engine rebuilt about 10 years ago and just used it for plowing, so the jeep sat alot. The engine is free and will turn by hand, not seized. The number on the Engine bossbehind the water pump is either MJ2915 or MT2915. I really can’t make it out. On the head there is a stamp that says 6-48. Im not sure how old the engine is but is definetly not a Willys MB motor. Most likely out of a CJ2A or CJ3A. I took the valve cover off and it is pretty clean inside. I did not take off the head. There is no cracks or breaks in the block. It is in pretty good shape. I cracked the plastic timing gear trying to remove the engine plate. Other than the attachements on the motor, everything internal is complete and has not been touched”


3 Comments on “L-134 Little Falls, NJ **SOLD**

  1. Tim

    That sure looks like an M38 head and block. I can’t quite make it out buy 800376 appears to be the head casting and the M??? serial number would make sense. That makes this L134 more rare than most

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Victor,

    This is an older post that hadn’t gotten updated yet (there are some out there). I’ve updated the post.

    I’ve seen a couple engines on Facebook Marketplace. If you have a Facebook account, that might be an avenue for finding an engine.

    – Dave

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