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History Czar Interview 11/12/11


Today I was invited to participate in an interview on 11/12/11 with the History Czar, Paul Bruno, whose efforts to make a movie about the history of the Bantam I discussed here.  The Czar broadcasts via the internet with all interviews available as podcasts.  At his website you’ll note that the Czar’s subject matter covers a wide range of history topics.  You can also follow updates via his WordPress blog, including his book giveaway contest.

From the website, “The History Czar is an educational service providing history information in an entertaining way and with a servant’s heart. The program is intended to present history in a format that is fun for the listeners, guests, and the hosts.”

Wish me luck!


4 Comments on “History Czar Interview 11/12/11

  1. Mom

    You have a few months to bone up on what you might possibly say so prepare, prepare, prepare. Of course, mom has complete faith that you will be entertaining and informative with the History Czar. I can foresee a completely new career if you are reeeealy good.

  2. Paul Bruno

    Dave, we’re glad your going to be on the History Czar. You’ll do great! However, never ignore Mom’s advice! 🙂

    Gratefully, Paul, aka The History Czar

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