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The Petty CJ-2A is for auction … on eBay this time


Quote from seller:  This is absolutely my favorite Jeep all time and I have sold approximately 100 Jeeps in the past 7 years. I would love to keep this one for myself however I must sell… There is a small dent on the drivers rear quarter that I will show in the pictures but other than that it is flawless. The Jeeps runs perfect and I don’t know how it could be any better.

How could it be better?  Let’s start with the front bumper — Check the image below (click on it for larger image). See previous post about this jeep. Seriously, that is one of the worst bumpers I’ve ever seen.

Here are all the info and images on ebay


19 Comments on “The Petty CJ-2A is for auction … on eBay this time

  1. Paul

    Boy, isn’t this Jeep something??? Professionally restored by Richard Petty’s garage … well, I looked at all the pictures and I think the rebuild quality would have been improved if a good mechanic and body man had been involved. Maybe the garage is young and just learning but somebody should have supervised the work. I couldn’t imagine letting my garage work on my Jeep, I like my garage and all that but as a mechanic my garage is a better building.

  2. David Eilers

    That’s a good point .. never let your ‘garage’ work on your vehicle .. that’s the simple lesson here.

  3. frank

    There are a lot of good aspects to this Jeep but there are some less good ones too. I wonder what kind of hubcaps you could put on the non Jeep rims(Ford). You can also see the welds where the rear floor is put in.Reserve is probably high, higher than I’d pay anyways. Petty’s a legend but I don’t know how much a signature’s worth.

  4. kilroy

    Check out the comments about this Jeep on the CJ2APAGE.
    In the “auction” section. (Dave, I hope you don’t mind that I metioned that page. If so, delete my comment,)
    Pitiful build.
    There are any number of guys over there I’d rather have build and “sign” a Jeep for me compared to this Hienz 57 mess.
    I hope they build cars better than Jeeps!

  5. frank

    Just noticed that the poster has an MB on it, with Petty’s signature on the poster. The poster states it’s a ’46. Is this misrepresentation or what. If this Jeep was originally auctioned for the paralyzed vets, I wonder who gets the money now. Hopefully the vets.

  6. David Eilers

    I had noticed that the sign pictured a MB and just shook my head. I’m pretty sure some vet wouldn’t want a bait-and-switch scheme that intentionally misleads people into thinking they were getting something they weren’t getting. Caveat Emptor is one thing, but a responsible seller of a militarized civilian jeep (and I have seen plenty of sellers on ebay who have resold militarized civilian jeeps fairly with disclosure) would not have structured the sale or language in this manner.

  7. David Eilers

    Yes, I agree .. but this was originally built with them in mind, according to the documentation. That’s all I meant 🙂

  8. kilroy

    Another thing…
    When was this Frankenjeep built?
    How long has Petty been gone? Quite awhile.
    Did they use an “autopen” for the dash sig.?
    Did they photo shop him into the pics?

  9. mmdeilers Post author

    lol .. Unless Wikipedia is wrong, Petty is still alive and well (though I’m no NASCAR expert)

    I looked up the original information from the raffle (I’m sure there are better things for me to do … but couldn’t resist)

    It seems the original winner of this jeep bought a raffle ticket (1 for $20 or 3 for $50). So, the original winner got a fantastic deal! However, it was advertised at that time as a “workhorse of World War II” — so, from the start it was misleading (though not mispriced).

    Here’s the whole thing:

  10. frank

    I figured the vet’s were not going to be beneficiaries of any profit of this sale, but I hope this Wendell fella gets to keep the Jeep.

  11. roy dempsey

    if you google auction kings dsc.discovery .com the have a clip of this willys when the got $16,000 for it.

  12. mmdeilers Post author

    lol .. you might have hurt Mr. Petty’s feelings 🙂 … other than that, I suspect he is fine …

  13. frank

    I CANNOT believe that this thing is up to 18,600.00 ! How can people bid that much and not do any research? At least open one eye before bidding! Crap!

  14. David Eilers

    Oh My! I will say the pictures of the underneath seem more extensive. Also, no more side pics that show the crappy front bumper. It seems to have had a major boost in bidding, as the price only reached $12k during the last auction.

    And there are still 7 days left in the bidding process?

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