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Colombia Yipao Videos

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I was checking some stats tonight and learned that readers from the country of Colombia constitute one of the largest blocks of readers of eWillys outside the US. So, in solidarity, I thought a few Yipao videos were in order 🙂

Part way through, watch as the driver climbs out while the jeep keeps spinning!

In this one, the driver jumps on top of the jeep while it spins:

This one includes a bee cage:


4 Comments on “Colombia Yipao Videos

  1. Bob

    I have so many questions about this I just can’t think of what to ask first. How in God’s name do they balance the jeep like that? How do they change direction of the spin? How do you stand on a soft top?

  2. David Eilers

    I’m sure Sebastian might be able to answer a couple of those questions … I’ll be happy to email him with any questions you have. I thought it was quite the performance art though.

    I especially love the confidence of the spectators gather round the spinning vehicle, unconcerned that the jeep might suddenly lurch in a different direction. I’ve never seen any of this done inside the US.

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