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2 Stainless Body Kits for Sale Oakland County, Mi $5000 each

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Mark has 2 Stainless Kits still available at $5000 or both for $8000, which readers have likely seen listed previously.

However, this time I got curious, so I did some math.  I went to and priced out the cost of buying steel versions of the same parts, just to see a price comparison.  Here is the result:

$3400 for non willys stamped CJ-3A tub (includes fenders, body , tailgate, windshield frame)
$361 hood
$246 grille
$150 roll bar
$213 seat frame
$213 seat frame
$300 bumpers
$700 White Vinyl Top
$5583 total

Not included in that total are other parts that are included in the stainless kit:

$?  Frame
$? Grab bars
$? Other parts

So, $5000 is looking like a pretty good price for all those parts, especially given they are stainless steel.  To see how they look together, you can see 1 of several stainless jeeps Mark assembled below.

“For sale is a COMPLETE stainless steel cj2a jeep kit MINUS DRIVETRAIN. These kits were imported in from the Phillipines years ago, I have built 5 of them and lost interest in the last 3 so instead of them sitting in the corner of my garage for another 10 yrs I have decided to sell them. I sold one last year and now have 2 left.

The kit includes: mild steel frame, stainless tub, grill, fenders, hood, tailgate, windshield frame, seat frames, rollbar, grab bars, and TONS of other stainless accessories. the top is white vinyl.
Asking $5,000 CASH each, I will not ship but am willing to crate and help load when picked-up or if buyer arranges all the shipping details i will help load. Attached is a older pic, I can email more (having problem uploading them). Please feel free to PM or call with any questions, Mark 248-818-8560 Located in Oakland County, MI”



3 Comments on “2 Stainless Body Kits for Sale Oakland County, Mi $5000 each

  1. Paul

    For what it’s worth, January 1986 I bought a stainless steel tub, hood, fenders, grille, tailgate, windshield and floorboards for $5,000. It’s 25 years later and the price hasn’t changed … this is a smoking deal!

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