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Willys Tattoo

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I’m not quite sure where this image originated, but it was the only ‘Willys Tattoo’ I could find when I did a search on it (for no particular reason other than curiosity).  Everything is backwards, so I’m wondering if it was taken using a mirror.


4 Comments on “Willys Tattoo

  1. Mark in Indiana

    Maybe it’s an British or Australian Jeep. I’ll have to see if I can recreate the “backward” effect with a toy Jeep and a mirror. Am I correct to say that the number of bars on the grill is wrong?

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Mark,

    I suppose someone could have just reversed the photo? I was just guessing at the mirror 🙂

    The MB/GPW stamped grilles have 9 slots, so the tattoo appears correct in that aspect.

    – Dave

  3. Joe in Mesa


    I just Googled “gi joe jeep tattoo” and found your post from 2011! Definitely a mirror/reflected image (one way of the other). Sooo, did you end up getting a jeep tattoo? I’m certainly contemplating it …if I can find or create the right design.

  4. David Eilers


    I’ve never gotten a tattoo. Just never found that thing I wanted to wear around all the time.

    – Dave

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