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1945 VEC CJ-2A McCall, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

(09/12/2010) This seller sounds like he has a couple jeeps. Last year he drove back a ’46 CJ-2A from Oakdale to Winnemucca (when it stopped running).

“Selling 1945 willys jeep CJ2a. Last fall put on new tires, seat covers, correct muffler and hardware.Original items: Military style steering wheel, horn, oil filter, windshield tiltout hinges, and military rearend. Has correct windshield fold down wingnuts, vaccum wiper, passenger manual wiper, oil filter, spare tire mount, tailgate chains and Original oak blocks on hood. Frame solid, battery tray in good shape, has generator shield, master cylinder shield and working parking brake. All lights work, including dash light. Engine # 11594, located  on right side of block behind oil filter, Body #1428, taigate #1428, serial # 11325, on dash and frame. tags on firewall missing because of, you know what, heater mod. and differentials I can make out date 45. Column shift missing and floor shift installed. T- 84 trans was used, which pretty much makes this a full WW-II chassis.”

Milleage is 66,900. After being around this jeep, I believe it to be original. Thats my guess, it may not be. Original color paster green, autumn yellow rims. Engine does smoke a little, It’s a WW-II smoke screen option, LOL. Floors solid, a little rot on bottom of hat channels ( very minimal) Steps are solid and hold when stepped on. Any questions please ask and left room for more pictures if there’s something you want to see. This jeep has ‘nt been restored, it’s in its original shape after 65 years. Thanks.”


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