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A Woman and Her Jeep

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While surfing Flickr, I found a young lady out of Canada who was given a CJ-2A from her mother, who inherited it from her father.  It looks like a solid build that likely has a replacement body, probably as part of a restoration.  She thinks the jeep is pretty cool, but others think she’s a dork.  I left her a note, explaining there were others like her :-).  Perhaps even more surprising, it’s now her main vehicle, though it’s been put away until winter ends. She notes, “It is a lot of fun to drive but you never have good hair when you get to your destination.”

Here’s  a beautiful shot of her jeep with the Canadian Rockies in the background.  Below that is a quick lesson she learned the hard way:  why you don’t want frost to overtake your jeep.  See a few more pics hereMake sure to check out her other photographs, too.


21 Comments on “A Woman and Her Jeep

  1. Ashlée

    well this was fun to come across this morning. Thanks folks! The dork comment is more coming from others because I like my license plate that is sort of tied in to the make and model of the vehicle . Just by chance I got it and it’s quite fun for me.

  2. David Eilers

    I figured the ‘dork’ comment was all in good fun 🙂 That’s why I ran with it. I’m glad you enjoyed the post Ashlee and have fun with your jeep this summer!

  3. Roberto Flores

    The title of this post should be “The dorks who envoy the girl and the jeep”!!! He, he, he! Welcome aboard, and enjoy the fun, Ashlée! And yes, I´m jealous of your wonderful ol´flattie! Ouch! ;-))

  4. windyhill

    Nice little Jeep and great pictures! Hold on the the little Jeep tell you can pass it on to your grand kids!

  5. Mark in Indiana

    You will turn more heads with your Jeep than anyone with their “dork-mobiles”

  6. Brian 58 cj3b

    I did find a picture of her “she cute” A lot of potential for a young male Jeep enthusiast. How complete could life be when you wouldn’t have to justify buying a part?

  7. Paul

    Frost bite can be a problem when you drive your Jeep topless so you might want to carry a spare sweater just incase. Stay warm and have fun!

  8. Ashlée

    I will have you know I drive with many layers on! (except in the summer because man that thing gets warm!) No frostbite here. You get a lot of strange looks driving around in a vehicle wearing a winter jacket, tuque, scarf and mitts in October/November but it’s all worth it. Not gonna lie, the attentions fun. I know why my mom and Granddad enjoyed it so much.

    @Brian 58
    I’m afraid of what photo you found of me. I haven’t looked at any of my self portraits in a while.

    by the way I’m pretty sure I should thank all of you for raising my site views to a skyrocketing 1200+ views on the 15th of March. That’s definitely a new record for daily views.

  9. Ashlée's Mom

    Wow Ash, look at all this attention. She is a beaut gentlemen, just like her ride. I moved from a Gulf Island to Vancouver and couldn’t bear the risk of having my baby in the big city so just after her original engine rebuild I put her on a trailer and sent her up to the Kootenays where she would be loved and driven. It has been a thrill to see my daughter enjoying it so much but I will admit I am jealous as I miss the thrill, the attention and the connection to my Dad.
    Oh and as far as I know it is Frankensteined a bit but pretty sure it is an original body, and it does have a 5 (6?) number VIN

  10. Ashlée's Mom

    Dear Mike,

    It is all about the rides, until June of last year I had a ’46 Willys, a ’78 Mercedes and a ’04 Triumph Speedmaster sitting in my driveway….. not bad for a girl, eh?

    oh I gave my girl the Willys, sold the Mercedes and will not part with my bike… so I guess wind in the face wins, no sidecar for the dog though…..

  11. mmdeilers Post author

    Well, this has been a popular post!

    1. Ashlee: Glad we could boost your views! Thanks to you and your mom for having fun with this 🙂
    2. Mike: I’m sure you are just having fun, but this isn’t a dating site. Please be respectful.
    3. Ashlee’s Mom: I used to work up in the San Juan Islands and boated up into the Gulf Islands. It is very beautiful! One of my favorite places.


    – Dave

  12. frank

    Ashlee: I can remember when I finished building my first Jeep(’47 2A) at the end of October ’79. It had no top and no windshield but I had to drive it. An army great coat,big mitts, aviator hat and goggles, and a scarf. Away I went. This was in Calgary,AB so I can relate to the frost on the windows and trying to warm up the vinyl seats. Enjoy your 2A, and stay a dork. Ashlee’s mom: I lived in the lower mainland for a while and had a ’48 CJ-3A as a daily driver for about six months. When you say “risk” you speak correctly. Scary drivers on the coast! My little Jeep would do it’s best to keep up, but 80 km/h was pushing that the max and if people tailgated any closer they could have pushed me. Any ways thanks for reading this and hope you and your daughter can enjoy fourwheeling out in the Kootenays. I’m guessing on location by the pic’s. Looking for another project to work on in Edmonton, maybe a 3B this time. Stay a dork’s mom.

  13. Brian 58 cj3b

    I’m assuming the picture of the girl in the 2A on Remembrance Day is you. “Great picture” If it’s a picture of you Mom that’s better because I ‘m more her age and don’t look that good in my jeep anymore.

    The picture of the girl throwing snow in from the driver’s seat has captured it all with regards to what it is to be Jeep.

    An anonymous free spirit throwing care to the wind…

    Best thing to bundle up in is a leather jacket with a layer underneath. This will stop the wind and keep you warm. Best of all who will dare call you dork when wearing a bomber jacket. And most of all be safe and put a roll bar in it.

  14. Ashlée's Mom

    @deilers – you are right Dave, the Gulf Islands are a beautiful spot on this planet, you were fortunate to see them by boat.
    @Mike – no offense taken! All in good fun
    @frank – absolutely agree about the drivers, those Jeeps don’t move out of the way quickly, it is called strong armed steering for a reason! Also, the fact is it will fit in the back of a duelly, so I didn’t want to risk it getting stolen either, too much sentimental attachment.
    @Brian – yes that is Ashlée in the jeep picks on Flickr. That snow shot is one of my favourite pictures ever. I do not like the look of a roll bar but I always drove it as if it and I were irreplaceable and I encourage Ash to do the same.

  15. Ashlée

    Leather is the way to go but I can only afford fake so that’s what I wear most of the time.

    I got pulled over once while wearing an army helmet and aviators. The cop asked “Do you have to wear that (helmet) when you drive this thing?”

  16. mmdeilers Post author

    Ashlee: That’s funny, but did the helmet/aviators get you out of the ticket?

    Ashlee’s Mom: I had some really fun experiences in the islands. One of my best adventures was taking a 16ft Hobie Cat out into the middle of Speiden Channel, only to have the wind totally die. For five hours my buddy and I floated in dead calm waiting for some wind to return. At some point, we started paddling, him using a cooler lid and me using a piece of wood we found floating in the water. Despite our efforts to try to paddle towards a small remote island called Stuart Island, the tide was pulling us into Haro Straight (

    To keep from floating into Haro, we doubled our efforts. As the sun was beginning to set we finally landed on the island. We hiked the island looking for anyone living there. Fortunately there are a few year around people who live there and, after some searching, found someone with a remote phone (this was in 1986 — few cell phones around at that time).

    I learned an important lesson that day: Hobie Catting in Puget Sound is a great way to have an adventure!

  17. Ashlée

    I got a warning because I had my windshield down, only one side mirror and a couple other things but I think they let me off because I had just got it, didn’t know, and they felt kind of bad after making me sit on the corner of two busy streets with three cop cars flashing their lights. One didn’t know what to do about it so called in a transportation guy and while calling him in another heard it over the radio and wanted to come see it. “Pop the hood” he said.

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