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Builds: Diego finishes his CJ-2A

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After initially purchasing this CJ-2A, Diego shared some pictures with me.  It was pretty rough and I knew he was had plenty of work ahead of him.  He recently completed it, especially considering the rough condition of the original, has turned out really nice.

Diego write, ‘I finally finished my project after almost two years.  It has sometimes been a pleasure and sometimes a pain in the neck, but at least I’m pretty happy with the results.  And even though is CJ2A post war jeep, I gave it a military theme.   I always like the military style.”

Well done Diego!

You can see the entire transformation here.




2 Comments on “Builds: Diego finishes his CJ-2A

  1. Randy

    Beautiful work Diego!!! Hopefully you kept the slat bench seat for use as a porch swing. Very, very nice build.

  2. Jeepen99

    Diego, you’re an inspiration, dude! I’ve got a almost completed 3A (I bought that way from another guy), and a 2A I inherited ten years ago. I’ve been tossing on whether to sell or do a similar resto (like your level)…had a heart transplant two years ago (so I wonder if I got the energy) and my wife would like more room in the garage. After seeing your good work, I should do the same. Good on you, Diego.


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