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The Overland Tent Trailers

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HOG pointed out these unusual tent trailers.  This comes from an article at about outfitting a multi-day adventure.


7 Comments on “The Overland Tent Trailers

  1. stephen lee adams

    Hello Dave. Hey, these trailers are cool. I did go the website: adventure and got the pricing. The best unit starts at $9,000.00. By the time you outfit the unit out, you are looking at an amount of $16,000.00. I could buy ten flat fendered Jeeps for that! Now I never question what a man charges for his time or talents, but I could never afford one of these trailers. The drawer units in plain birch are affordable and look great. You could really do some nice things with these, especially in finishing the raw wood yourself. The website is awesome, however, and the video on the tent and the workings of same is really great. A great deal of thought and experience along with good work shows here. I will just have to use my old trailer and sleep on the ground as I have been doing for the last sixty years. I wish the owners well in their endeavors as they have struck a chord with what looks to be fine craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing, Dave. Stephen Lee Adams

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Yeah, my current tent will have to work for me, too 🙂 … but, they are cool!

  3. frank

    I thought I’d seen this sort of idea before. I went to the CJ-3B page and found the article on Larry Shank’s father and his teardrop trailer. Granted, it’s not a tent trailer , but the idea of a compact self contained trailer pulled behind the ’53 is similar to these trailers. Kind of neat how old time technology gets re-invented and carries on.

  4. Mike Spies

    My company, AutoHomeUSA, sells these and other roof top and trailer top tents. The one on the left in the photo is one of our tents. These have become extremely popular with overlanders who want to travel and camp independently.These tents can be fitted easily o most vehicles or to utility trailers – they need no be purpose built off-road trailers – tho’ the specialty off-raod models are very well set-up for overland travel.

  5. Joe

    If you go with the pre-built units they are way overpriced! I built one this year, $300 for the m416, about $300 in steel to set fab it up for the tent, and $650 for the roof top tent. I put 500 miles on it in July and it towed and set-up no different than the $10k pre-builts. Maybe not as pretty but just as good!

  6. Ray Collier

    I actually have the same trailer and the same tent as the one on the left. I have to say they are well built and had it for many years and love it. All I have to do is load food and water and I am gone for a few days or weeks at a time. Pulls very easy and compact!

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