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1945 MB Bannister, MI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $14,000. One side note:  In July 2010 this was listed as having 38,000 miles and is now listed as having 34,744.

(07/07/2010) “This is 1945 willes army jeep its all original has 34.744 miles on it asking 14,000 cal.”


3 Comments on “1945 MB Bannister, MI **SOLD**

  1. Paul

    Lets see, the odometer shows over 3,200 miles less than what this Jeep had eight months ago. Geeze, that’s alot of driving in reverse don’t you think? I mean if this person keeps backing up pretty soon the Jeep will be brand new! I got to try this idea on my Willys.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Fortunately, Alaska is a pretty big place, so there are lots of places to drive backwards!

  3. Paul

    There must be some inverse ratio concerning the price of this Jeep dropping as it gets newer in reverse. I’m waiting for this deal to get brand new and free! Just another shining example of thinking behind the box here in The Great White North. After all, we had Sarah P and she could see Russia from her house.

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