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1947 CJ-2A Redmond, OR **SOLD**


Update:  **SOLD** Was $550  This jeep used to be red.

This has a tempest slat 4 cyl.  It looks like someone did a nice job of installing the updated steering column as well.  Here’s a built example of the same motor.

Here is a link to a Jalopy Journal thread about 4cyls.  The Mercruiser 3.7 and the Ford 2.3s seemed to be a favorite for fun 4cyl installs.

1947D Willy’s. Needs entire restoration. The value is a PTO transfercase set up. Body 75% Rusted, frame rusty, steering ok. trany, transfercase, 1961 140hp. tempest slant 4 cylender motor with 4 barrel needing restored. interior rusted and bad, tires bad (but hold air), rims rusted. There is $800 of useful or restorible parts”

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