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1964 King Midget Pt. Pleasant, NJ $5500

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Need a car that’s a little easier on gas than your jeep?  How about this one cylinder car HOG spotted.  No, it’s not 4wd and it is smaller than some golf carts, but I figured I’d post it anyway.  Besides, even if you don’t like the car, check out the turn signal/running lights on the front.  Those might be a nice conversion option for older jeeps.

I have never seen a King Midget. There were 3 basic models of the Midget.  The first model was a one seater, like a mini-racing car from the early 1900s.  The second model expanded to two seats, along with other additional options.  The third model increased strength and horsepower.

The King Midget Car website has this video, which shows a variety of old Midgets:


“I am selling a 1964 King Midget, “Worlds Most Exciting Small Car”. The car is in outstanding condition and is a A.A.C.A Senior show winner. The engine is a One cylinder, with 2 speed auto trans; the car gets 60-90 miles per gallon! The odometer reads 5,226. If you are wondering, YES, this car is street legal and another interesting fact about the King Midget is that they were only available by mail order from 1952-1970. I am forced to sell the car due to a death in the family and am sad to see this “small” gem of a car go.”


One comment on “1964 King Midget Pt. Pleasant, NJ $5500

  1. Bob

    I’ve seen several king midgets. They were made in Ohio. I think they had a Briggs engine.

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