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1965 Tuxedo Mark IV Greencastle, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Can someone explain to me why a PA title would need to be transferred at a messenger service (what is a messenger service)?  The engine has been taken apart.

“1965 Jeep CJ-5A
Tuxedo Park Mark IV

This Jeep has been in our family for many years. The mileage is probably not correct but it says 22946. I was in the process of rebuilding the engine and restoring it. I have the head removed and valve/pushrod cover removed. Also various other engine parts have been removed and inspected to get to the engine. I have all the removed parts inside the Jeep. This Jeep has never been rebuilt prior to me working on it. The last time this Jeep ran was sometime in the 90’s. It sat in a garage until 2003. That’s when I brought it home and started working on it. Transmission is a T-90 3 on the tree. Engine is a Hurricane F-134, partly dismantled. I’ve included 24 pics on the site but if you would like more please let me know.

Please forgive me I’ve probably left out a lot of details.
But ask/email and I will answer and send as many specific pics as you would like.
The Jeep is for PICK UP ONLY! near Greencastle Pa. 17225.
The Jeep is near 99% original parts, as it has never been attempted to be restored other that the work that I’ve done on it.”



5 Comments on “1965 Tuxedo Mark IV Greencastle, PA **SOLD**

  1. Bill


    The messenger service in PA just takes the place of a “DMV” like most states have. I think the only real DMV is in Harrisburg PA, so the title/license/messenger service can do the transfer. A title must be notarized in PA with the new owner’s name/add/sig/selling price all in place on the title. There are a few fees to do it, but usually a similar amount to a DMV.

    It’s all no big deal, just the way they do it up there. It’s better than standing in line at the DMV for 2+ hours like I had to do in FL when I transferred the title of my 2A.


  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Bill .. I had no idea that’s the way it was done. All 5 states I’ve lived in do it the DMV way.


    – Dave

  3. Bob

    In Ohio you get a title notarized with all of the info then you take it to the DMV to switch it.

  4. windyhill

    It’s called a Notary and everything has to be notarized in Pa, it’s a real PITA! If I buy a Jeep in Jersey or NY, the owner signs the title, you right out a bill of sale and take it home. In PA you’ve got to find a notary that’s opened so that they can watch you sign the title and charge you $40 or what ever it is. And if your getting a parts Jeep you technically have to get it notarized as well which some times costs almost as much as the pile of parts you just bought,

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