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Year? CJ-3B Gates, Tn $500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Last Ride

UPDATE:  Still Available

(03/15/2010) This jeep is on its last legs; actually, maybe it’s only on the front two legs!

“For this sale we have a Used Willys Jeep. Contact us at 731 836-5967 or send your email to: should you have any questions.


8 Comments on “Year? CJ-3B Gates, Tn $500

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    You guys are spoiled. Here in the east when I was looking for my Jeep I would have actually considered going to see this. I would have to call first though and ask if it had the engine, drive train, title, etc. By the way, David, that other post where the guy mentioned in order to get his Jeep titled in PA he had to get paperwork notarized and then go to a “messenger service”, he’s right about our crazy DMV process. He’s in western PA, but in eastern PA (almost another state) we call them “title & tag places”. The differnce between him and me is I bought my Jeep in NJ and because I had an out of state title I didn’t have to go to a notary with the seller & get paperwork notarized first, I just went to the title & tag place directly by myself to get the title transfered. You don’t get the title right away then, it took about a month to get it in the mail from Harrisburg. Life is certainly an adventure…

  2. David Eilers

    True, we are spoiled out west 🙂

    Actually, I do think there is some value here, but just hard to say how much without an in-person look at it.

    I’m gonna need a database to keep track of all the different DMV options!

  3. frank

    I’m a little confused on this whole title, registration, bill of sale stuff. I live in Alberta, CANADA, and when I buy a vehicle all I need is a bill of sale and the old registration with the previous owners signature. I then go to the registry office, transfer ownership under my name, pay the fee and I’m good to go. I’m wanting to import an old Jeep from the U.S. into CANADA. Apart from the above mentioned, and an out-of-province inspection, what hassles can I anticipate?? Has anyone done this who might advise me? Thanks!

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    It depends on the state. The process you describe is what I’ve encountered in the past, but I am aware that some states are stickier than others. If you let me know the state I can do a quick search for ya.

    – Dave

  5. frank

    Hey Dave! I appreciate your offer to help. The vehicles I’m interested in are in WA, OR, CA, and NM. I hope to make a trip later this spring or early fall. Thanks to your site I know there will be something available somewhere, sometime, The info I’ve been able to gather from local sources is that I have to fax a copy of the title to the customs people at the border I’ll be crossing, three days prior to returning with the vehicle to that crossing. It all seemed a little ambiguous, and I couldn’t seem to get solid answers so if you’re successful in finding out how it works from south of the 49th that would be great! Once again thanks.

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