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Year? DJ-3A Surrey Glen Arm, MD **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**  See more pics here:

This looks like a DJ-3A Surrey Body on a 70s CJ-5 frame to me. It was listed as a CJ-3B on Craigslist.

“We have this CJ3B sitting in our barn and it’s time for it to go. Don’t want to scrap it and would like to find someone who can put it to use somehow. Asking $700 or best offer. Not sure of any of the details of the Jeep. Needs an engine, transmission is there though not in the Jeep. Probably have some of the parts lying in/around it, so those will be a part of the price.”


7 Comments on “Year? DJ-3A Surrey Glen Arm, MD **SOLD**

  1. Colin Peabody

    It looks like a Surrey body sitting on a 3B or CJ5 chassis. There appears to be enough of the Surrey components to say that it was at one time a DJ3A Surrey.

  2. Glennstin

    Picked this unit up last Friday 5/6/2011. No data plate yet, but careful examination revealed it to have its original frame and the ID# 21501. So THANKS to eWillys sharp eyes, one more documented Willys DJ3A Surrey is on our Production / Survivor Chart. This Surrey has history, according to previous owner, on “Wonderama”, a 60’s kids TV Show from the NYC and Baltimore area. The data tag may yet surface and will read 56337-21501, built in the first third of 1962 production. A restoration will be chalenging, but there is enough here to find the necessary parts to bring it back.

  3. henry andrews

    do you have a closeup picture of the sun visor brackets?
    I have a 1960 surry without a sun visor,
    havent been able to find one or even seen one.
    thankx !
    henry 954 849 3171

  4. Glennstin

    Hi Henry, The Surrey is in NJ waiting for me to take it to “Show and Tell” at The Great Willys Picnic June 12 in Lansford, PA. I’m in Maine. I’ll have to get you pictures of the single visor that is present. Do Colin and I have the information on your Surrey to add to our DJ3A Production / Survivor Chart? Any DJ3A no matter the condition needs to be there. Email to:

  5. Colin Peabody

    Hi Henry-

    The sun visor brackets for the 1960 Surrey are exactly the same as the sun visor brackets for the 1948-1951 Willys Jeepster. If you can get a sun visor from a Jeepster guy, you can have your upholsterer cover it for you. Later DJ3A and Surreys used a slightly different bracket, but used the same pre drilled bolt holes. Surreys had one sun visor in 1960, but two were optional. If you got to the CJ3B page and scroll down to the DJ3A Forum, you might put your question in there. BA25 will certainly give you an answer.

    Please send your Surrey serial number to me or Glenn. My email is: in Phoenix. We are trying to build a database of DJ3A production, so include whatever info you can about your Surrey, including photos.


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