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Baldo Ponders a Vehicle Purchase

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Maggie’s grandmother spotted this funny cartoon.  Note that she edited out the original vehicle model and superimposed “jeep” in its place.

According to, the strip is written by Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos and is about Baldo, “a daydreaming teenager who’s trying to be the coolest kid in school. In the meantime, he’ll settle for a good game of soccer and building the sweetest lowrider car. That’s the short answer. But Baldo is much more than that.”


6 Comments on “Baldo Ponders a Vehicle Purchase

  1. Maggie Mae

    I just want it to be known that I’ve never brought home a vehicle that was missing the seats, wheels, doors, bumper and engine. Nor have I paid $750 for any of my parts vehicles.

    I did, however, spend more than that on a Wagon with just the body (minus the floorboards and part of the firewall), doors, frame, front fenders, rear axel, two wheels, and seats remaining; but that’s another story altogether.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Ok, so I did bring home a CJ-3A vehicle that was missing doors, bumper, frame, running gear, tranny, transfer case and much more. It was only $450

    It did have seats, body, engine, heater, windshield and, most importantly, a title. I resold everything as parts, keeping the windshield and the title for Biscuit.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Roberto … “Lost Biscuit” is my jeep. The name was made up by one of my boys for an xbox online game username (so many names were taken that they started putting together random words). I told my kids I wanted to use it as the name for my jeep. Also, as a guy who likes to cook, the biscuit part seemed relevant to me; and, getting ‘lost’ in a jeep is a nicely romantic sentiment.

    Here’s an example with the name on the hood:

  4. Roberto Flores

    Top! It´s a great motto! By the way, I have contacted with Carlos Castellanos at Facebook. It´s a great artist and guy too!!!

    Remember, have a great weekend and keep´em rolling!

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