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1965 DJ-3A Abbotsford, BC, Canada **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500

(11/12/2010) Here’s a DJ-3A that is in excellent condition, though it has been updated to 4wd.  The seller believes that there were DJ-3As with 4wd produced, but Bruce has told me this wasn’t the case.

“Unique little Dispatcher survivor in great condition. These vehicles were mostly all 2wdr units and only a few 4×4’s were produced, not sure if this is one or if it has been converted. It is in super condition to use as is or if a person was wanting to restore it, it would be a very nice little project. The jeep has all the correct running gear and it all works as it should. The transmission leaks at the front seal I believe, and needs to be replaced or keep a good eye on the fluid level. It also has new tires, clutch, shocks, brakes and wheel cyl’s. The roof on theses Dispatchers was not meant to taken on and off, so it is bolted on with many bolts, but could be removed with a couple hrs of labor. The electric winch on the front is super HD, probably overkill for this jeep, and it works great! The Jeep is also set up and wired for towing, pulls very nice, we towed it up and down the Oregon coast and had a blast on the beaches with it!”


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