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1948 CJ-2A Waterloo, Il $2850


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2850

(03/07/2011) This has a variety of mods.  I’m unsure of the transfercase setup (someone recognize that?).  I have to say I’m a little surprised this runs the early C shackles.

“FOR SALE: A 1948 jeep willys mudder. This was built strictly for the mud. Has a small block chevy with a power glide tranny. The guy I bought it from says it has a full size blazer running gears. You won’t see one like this one! Smokes when first started up. Rough as hell, cool as hell! Call 618-473-3208 or 618-402-9717 for more info or pic’s.”


10 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A Waterloo, Il $2850

  1. Paul

    Having shackles attached to the front and rear of the front springs should make for interesting steering, especially at higher speeds.

  2. Brett

    So how does the front end float like that? My thoughts are the axle would shift in respect to the body to the front or rear from running two shackles like that.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Maybe the back of the front springs are solid and just look like they give? But it sure looks like there are shackles front and rear.

  4. dan.m

    i think this guy was trying for a linked setup… but was either too cheap or just ran out of $$ so he left the springs on instead of buying coilovers. you can see where he did this in the back -so i’m guessing that it is the same case in the front, we jsut can’t see it in the photos provided. that would make at least SOME sense out of the shackles on both ends of the spring.

  5. Paul

    Follow the brake lines from the master cylinder to the front of the grille, what’s going on there???? My head hurts.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    I”m sure that it connects to a proportioning valve, but why it is located at the very front is not something i understand.

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