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More on this unusual CJ-?A/MB Wagon in Bali

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UPDATE:  Rudolf sent some additional pics of this rig. Steve gives a good analysis within the comments section.

Rudolf forwarded me this unusual CJ-?A/MB wagon.  Rudolf reports that this is titled a 1944 and was used for public transit in Bali.  Given the full floating rear end, the rearend might have been from a MB.  It reminded me of another vehicle with a similar wood rear end that is located in France  (see the red image below).

From France (CJ-3B Page,


2 Comments on “More on this unusual CJ-?A/MB Wagon in Bali

  1. Steve S

    This a late 2A or a 3A. There are some tell tale signs up front. Heavier guage steel frame rails without gussets for bumper attaching. also, if you look at the front drivers side upper shock mount it is the later type that are sorta like a cup riveted to the top frame rail – most common on 3A’s.
    The grill is a 3A as well look at the way the 3A radiator is mounted to the grill rather than from below like the MB’s and 2A’s. Also, the area where the steering column mounts to the dash is definetly 3A…see how the indents are much higher than an MB for the longer steering column that would have been on a 3A. The engine is definetly civilian bth the head and the block. Ribbing on head and the large boss behind the water pump for the serial number are both very indicative of civilian.

    The only thing that is outof character on this jeep is the full floating rear axle which is definetly MB or early 2A. Seems to me if you blew out your rear end on Bali it might have been easier to get an old full floater from a junky than a newer semi-floating that actually belongs on this 3A.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks for that great analysis.

    For some reason, I had it in my head that 3As didn’t have the governor, but after doing some quick research, I realized they did!

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