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Updated Verion of Lawrence’s Bellcrank Mod

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Lawrence just finished adding his bearing mod to this newer bell crank for a customer.  He’s been working on jeeps for decades.  If you would like this done for your bell crank, let me know ( and I’ll provide his contact information.


11 Comments on “Updated Verion of Lawrence’s Bellcrank Mod

  1. John Witt


    I’m very interested in your tapered bearing conversion for the bell crank. My 48 CJ2A has most of the steering slop in that exact location. I have a spare bellcrank I can send for the conversion.



  2. Stephen

    I would be interested in this mod as it is probably where I am going to find some of the slop in the steering on my recent purchase of the CJ3A. I will purchase another to send to him for the mod.

  3. Max


    looks real great. Can you provide me the e-mail adress please.

    Thank you and have a great day



  4. deilers

    Steven, Yes it should work. Lawrence is a former jeep mechanic, so he ought to be able to explain everything. I’ll send an email to you with his contact info.

  5. Read Barby

    I have a 58 CJ 6 that I have added a 4 in lift, and I need a bell crank with a drop arm. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Read Barby

  6. David Eilers


    This mod is just an update for the standard arm. I don’t have any additional info for a dropped arm.

    – Dave

  7. Jim Olszewski

    I have a 65 Jeep CJ 5 and I would like info on the bellcrank bearing set up. Also I just did a 2 inch lift on it. Is there an bellcrank available with a 2 inch dropped arm?

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