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1947 CJ-2A Baker City, Or **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD**.  Steve bought this rig.

This is a nice build. Note the headlight discussion in the comments.  Below is a list of things he has done during the last rebuild.

  1. New paint (White with Blue Pearl)
  2. Rebuilt 350 Chevy V8
  3. Rebuilt T90 Transmission
  4. Rebuilt T18 Transfer Case
  5. Saginaw 525 Steering box setup to cross steer with Wagoner Knuckle on right front
  6. Rebuilt 56 Chevy steering column
  7. All new VDO Gauges
  8. New Wiring
  9. New Seats
  10. New 9 gallon auxiliary fuel tank electrically switched
  11. Floor Coated with Durabak
  12. New Jeep gas tank
  13. 2.5 inch spring lift
  14. 2 inch body lift
  15. New wheel bearings and seals
  16. New axle bearings and seals
  17. Dana 44 rear end with Trac Loc (New Carrier Bearings)
  18. New brake shoes
  19. New wheel cylinders
  20. New master cylinder
  21. New brake lines (hard and flex)
  22. Full roll cage
  23. New wiper motors (not installed)”


11 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Baker City, Or **SOLD**

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    If that’s the case, they sure fit in there nice. I never checked out the modern 7″ halogens; I did go cheap with my headlights though …

  2. Paul

    I put a set of Cibie halogen headlights in my little Willys. I did check into a set of real HID headlights (not the cheap cobbled together type) and decided I couldn’t afford that much light. Besides, here in the Great White North we have lots of daylight during the summertime and I don’t plan on driving my Willys during the winter.

  3. Bruce

    You are all wrong the lights are made in Europe, they have leaded crystal lenses, and take a regular H4 bulb. The current bulbs are 90W low and 130W high. The lights have the normal 3 tabs on the back, and fit the stock housings without any mods.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for the clarification. Headlights are something that few people modify, so I find your modification very interesting! Where did you get the idea to use European crystal lenses?

    Very nice build by the way!

    – Dave

  5. Bruce

    I have had those head lights in 2 different jeeps. I bought the first pair on a idea that they looke nice, and after using them at night I was sold on them. The beam they cast on the side of the road goes up at an angle giving very good visibility for animals entering the road from a bank along the roadway. Thanks for the compliment, we have had this jeep for 22 years, and it was apart from 1995 until 2010. I have replaced every component on it with new, right down to the brake lines. Photos don’t do the paint job justice. The blue pearl on it kicks off to almost florescent blue in the sun.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Ok, you’ve sold me. My first jeep’s lights were terrible. I haven’t spent much time driving at night in my current jeep, but because I live in Boise, I have some of the same animal issues as you do. I actually stop in Baker City on my trips to Seattle. It’s a beautiful area and, except for your longer winters, I thought it would be a nice place to live.

    I used to drive my old jeep a lot on the rural roads of San Juan Island (in northwest Washington). The deer roamed the island freely. At night they’d feed off the grass along the sides of the country roads. I’d watch as intently as I could for the red eyes, but my headlights were so poor that it was a bit of a crapshoot. I almost hit a deer two different times when they jumped out at the last second from grass.

    One time I was riding my bicycle during the day on the island and I had a deer jump out from some bushes in front of me in broad daylight. One second he wasn’t there and then one second he was. The bushes were thick too. I don’t know how he got through them. I think I would have lost in that collision.

  7. Bruce

    OK guys the secret place to aquire these headlights is in the most unsuspecting catalog. You probably throw them away when they come in the mail. Look in JC Whitney, I think the price has went up considerly on them.

  8. Greg

    I’ve seen these lights in hot rod or street rod type catalogs too. Good option for replacing sealed beams. I sorta like the flat face on the lens.

  9. Steve Shaffer

    I bought this willys from Bruce and can’t wait to pick it up. Thanks to Ewillys for everything you do and I sent you a donation.

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