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Eurpoean Junk Pile

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I spotted this image at several sites, but the largest version I found was at  I’m gonna guess, based only on the building in the right corner, that this pile of vehicles is somewhere in Europe.  Strangely, this image is used as a header image for an article on the importance of recycling and freecycling. And I think the image is supposed to reinforce the importance of recycling and the problems of waste.  I believe the irony of the use of this photo with the article is that these vehicles were in fact piled as a first step in their recycling process (for their reuse in steel).


6 Comments on “Eurpoean Junk Pile

  1. Paul

    My buddy, Crazy Ralphie would cry if he saw this picture. He’s still looking for parts for his Ford GPA and this pile has at least two rebuildable units. Oh well, sorry Ralphie.

  2. Bob

    That makes me cringe to. My buddy’s dad was in the Navy at the end of the Korean war. He remembers pushing hundreds of jeeps off ships somewhere in the Pacific ocean. Jeeps, planes, helicopters, you name it, they pushed ’em off ships.

  3. Munkjeep

    This is a battle pic taken after a 3 day battle at the Rhine River, the Army took a Dozer while the battle was going on and shoved them up in a pile to keep the road open .

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    That’s great info Munk …. Do you know any more about the pic so I can properly credit it? Or do you know of a link?


  5. frank

    I thought you’d posted this pic. before because it looks very familiar. I’m thinking it was included with all those junked Jeeps and trailers pics. from Okinawa or somewhere. I tried to find them but I was not successful. I hope you know which ones I mean, so you don’t think I’m speaking jibberish.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Well, I suppose it’s possible this pic exists elsewhere on the site . . . I don’t remember seeing it before, but my memory is hardly foolproof 🙂

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