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1948 CJ-2A Hudson Valley, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500

No stock, but looks solid.

“This is a 1948 CJ2A that had a new all steel replacement body put on it some thirty years ago. This body has NO RUST and never did. This body is a copy of the sought after M38 military Jeep. It is currently on the road.  To many new parts to list. I do not negotiate price by email or over the phone. Please don’t ask if I will take less unless you have seen the Jeep and have the money ready to back your offer.”


2 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A Hudson Valley, NY **SOLD**

  1. pbbelly

    I don’t like the idea of an 8 volt battery in a Jeep (or anything else for that matter). They work ok (sort of) in an old tractor with no lights and a fixed output generator (i.e. Ford 2n or 9n), but trying to use one with a regulated generator isn’t a good idea. To keep the battery charged you have to tweak the regulator (an 8-volt battery at 7.2 volts-the set point for a 6-volt regulator-is effectively discharged) beyond what is was designed for. While this will usually work short-term, I have never had any long term luck doing this (for the customer who won’t listen).The regulator will fail in short order. Furthermore, if you do get the system to charge the battery properly (~9.4 volts) your 6-volt light bulbs will readily burn out and I have never seen any 8-volt bulbs…There’s absolutely no reason that the 6-volt system can’t be made to function as intended (other than someone’s personal inability).

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Very interesting! I haven’t ever worked with a 6 or 8 volt battery nor the 6 volt system, so this was something I didn’t know. I have seen several sellers mention they had 8 volt batteries in their 6 volt jeeps, but never thought anything of it.


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