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Year DJ-3A Ranger, Tx **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Bill picked up this parts jeep.  It turns out this was a DJ-3A with some rare pieces.  He is happy he went to look!

The body doesn’t appear too bad.  The hood looks tweaked. If a ‘great’ project is one that requires a lot of work, then this really is a great project.

“old willies great project i just have to many Tub is great finders are great hood is there not great grill and window frame good.”


2 Comments on “Year DJ-3A Ranger, Tx **SOLD**

  1. Bill

    Thanks for posting this one, I picked it up the other day. Turns out to be a DJ3A with a few rare pieces. It is not going to be a rock crawler anymore. Owner has a later YJ he is parting out the 4.0 drivetrain from that is now going to be the rockcrawler.

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