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A Tornado Decimates a Truck

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Sadly, Keith filed a post-tornado special report today.  He noted that while he, his wife Patsy and their son survived the storm as it blew through Chattanooga, his truck wasn’t so lucky.  To make matters worse, he was just about to install a new starter and get it running, but until he completed that fix he kept it uninsured.  So, place your antenna flag at half mast and wish Keith and his family well.


4 Comments on “A Tornado Decimates a Truck

  1. Steve E.

    I’m blowing taps right now.
    I’m glad everyone is O.K.
    If I didn’t live on the left coast, I’d make a donation of a frame and some sheet metal for the victim.
    **Steve E.**

  2. Grant

    If anybody can git a hold of Keith tell him to go to the oldwillys forum they are willing to help him out any way they can their are a lot of extra parts over there thanks.

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