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Area 51 Jeep (and a mockup A-12 Spy Plane)

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I spotted this unusual image today. It was published along with some other declassified photos from Area 51 (which doesn’t exist btw) and published on National Geographic’s website.   I wished I had a close up of the jeep.  I’m glad there’s a guy standing in front of the jeep or I would have thought it was a toy jeep.

One time I drove north on the extra-terrestrial highway (Nevada State Route 375).  I’ve driven all over the west and that was one of the strangest highways I’ve ever driven.  There were several different events that left me certain there was some strange things going on out there.


2 Comments on “Area 51 Jeep (and a mockup A-12 Spy Plane)

  1. steve

    Found the following in a book about area 51:

    Almost everything visible on approach to Area 51 from the air is restricted government
    land. There are no public highways, no shopping malls, no twentieth-century urban sprawl.
    Where the land is hilly, Joshua trees and yucca plants grow, their long spiky leaves
    extended skyward like swords. Where the land is flat, it is barren and bald. Except for
    creosote bushes and tumbleweed, very little grows out here on the desert floor. The
    physical base—its hangars, runways, dormitories, and towers—begins at the
    southernmost tip of Groom’s dry lake. The structures spread out in rows, heading south
    down the Emigrant Valley floor. The hangars’ metal rooftops catch the sunlight and reflect
    up as the Janet airplane enters the Box. A huge antenna tower rises up from the desert
    floor. The power plant’s cooling tower comes into view, as do the antennas on the radioshop
    roof, located at the end of one of the two, perpendicular taxiways. Radar antennas
    spin. One dish is sixty feet in diameter and always faces the sky; its beams are so
    powerful they would instantly cook the internal organs of any living thing. The Quick Kill
    system, designed by Raytheon to detect incoming missile signals, sits at the edge of the
    dry lake bed not far from the famous pylon featured in Lockheed publicity photos but never
    officially identified as located at Area 51. Insiders call the pylon “the pole”—it’s where the
    radar cross section on prototype stealth aircraft is measured. State-of-the-art, milliondollar
    black aircraft are turned upside down and hoisted aloft on this pole, making each
    one look tiny and insignificant in the massive Groom Lake expanse, like a bug on a pin in
    a viewing case.

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