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No Updates Tonight (Sunday)


I had a long battle repairing my parents tractor/mower today.  I won, but not by much. It was one of those days where I made 3 different trips down to home depot for a mower belt, receiving the wrong one twice.  In addition, four different bolts broke, too rusted to turn, forcing me to drill them out, which in turn forced me to improvise a new mounting solution for a blade assembly.  If i wanted to do all that work, I’d by another jeep!!


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  1. mmdeilers Post author


    That’s a good idea, except that the belt size is already marked in multiple places.

    1. Trip one: I was told when I called they organized belts by model, which they didn’t actually do, so I couldn’t find a belt for a John Deere L110 (I didn’t realize the belt size was printed on the mower deck yet). An employee helped me find a belt that he was sure would fit, based on the model, but it turned out to be too big.
    2. Trip two: After returning the oversized belt, the same employee who helped me saw me in the return line and, very kindly, ran to get the 42″ belt I needed. I drove home, tried to install the belt, and was puzzled to find the belt was too small. When I pulled of the new 42″ belt and compared it to the old one, I discovered the new one was about 10″ shorter. I came to the conclusion that some dufus had switched a smaller belt into the 42″ package.
    3. Trip three: with only a few minutes to go before the store closed, i raced back down and ran over to the belt area. After some comparing of the old belt and a different 42″ belt, I finally found the belt I needed.

    – Dave

  2. thomas

    just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy this willys sight, ive always wanted a jeep and im trying to buy one from my daughters friend. i thinks its a 50s model. anyway the body is trashed by i want the frame to build on . i love the old pictures you post, i just wish some of these jeeps for sale where closer to me. thanks for the hard work

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