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1962 CJ-3B New Holland, Pa **SOLD**


UPDATE:  SOLD. Was listed at $2000.  It sold quickly.

This looks in good shape.

“I have owned this jeep for over 20 years, and never drove it. I bought the jeep with a blown engine, and had the transmission and transfer case totally rebuilt, and I also rebuilt the engine starting with the block. I had the block magna-fluxed and found out that one cylender had to be sleeved, so we had it done. New crank, cam shaft, piston and rings, also had the valves done and the head checked and rebuilt. The flywheel was also turned. I put the short block together, and that is where I stopped.

The front part of the frame was sandblasted, but the whole frame was cleaned and painted. The The body was also worked on, any rust was cut out and new metal welded in. There is no body putty on the body, I have photos of the work we did to the body at each step. I have all of the parts painted including all the headlight parts, radiator and shroud. The windshield frame is painted black, and I have the rubber seal for the windshield. Some of the windshield hinge parts have not been painted, but all the parts were sandblasted, and coated with a primer that you can sand to remove any imperfections. The photos show the dust that is on the jeep and seats, but the body and paint are like new. We welded shut all the holes for the soft top snaps and such, I did not plan on installing a roof. This was going to be a sunny day vehicle!

I bought the seats from a parts dealer and had them re-upholstered. The light color you see on the seats is dust, not mold. The seats will clean up perfect.

I have all of the engine parts, and diagrams that I drew so I could remember how to re-install all the wiring. The carb has not been re-built.

I thought about parting this jeep out, but it would be a shame if it were never completed (I was so close!).”


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