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1965 CJ-5 Tuxedo Park Torrance, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

The seller provides a good description of the issues.  The underside could use some cleaning.

“1965 CJ5 – rare Tuxedo Park edition with even rarer bench seat, rear side seat cushions, and three speed on the column (works great – and fun!). Tires in great shape. Body very very good, and unmolested. Interior good. Registered in CA with current tags good til Spring 2012. Everywhere you drive it, people give you the thumbs up. Great summer fun.

I purchased this vehicle on Ebay a few months ago. It was listed by the seller as having 29,000 ORIGINAL miles. That might or might not be accurate. Much of the Jeep (it’s very much in original condition) would lead one to believe that mileage – but it cannot be confirmed, and it is not out of the question that the odometer may have been replaced. The seller (who sold it to me) was either unaware of, or failed to disclose, some issues with the Jeep. It required $2,000+ in repairs after it arrived in CA. I’ve had all the work completed by an expert and certified Jeep mechanic and it runs well now. This Jeep needs an owner with time to love it. I love it, but just don’t have the time. Since I purchased it: Complete brake job front and rear – drums, rotors, wheel cylinders. Carb rebuild. New alternator and voltage regulator. Differential service. Transmission and 4-wheel checked. All fluids replaced. All hoses checked (good). All lights now work – signal, brakes, front and rear lights. Compression is excellent: 125, 130, 125, 130.

NEEDS: Wipers not working (all hoses are in place). Gas gauge half-works (enough to keep you out of trouble). Temp gauge doesn’t seem to work. Heater not working. There’s some rust underneath, as this Jeep is a 1965. The floorpans at the front seats look liked they’ve been replaced. The fender wells are amazingly free of rust. The Jeep is its original color, but there has been some touch-up work done) The dashboard is wonderfully unmolested. There’s only a few holes carefully drilled (between the odometer and the left side of the dash). They appear to have been for a mounting bracket. The body is VERY straight and the Jeep looks great for a 1965. Most Jeeps of this era have been so modified, it’s nearly impossible to find one this original. It drives very straight and true. I’ve had other CJ’s. This one tracks very well – better than most.

I am selling it as is. With my purchase price, transporting it to CA, CA registration and $2100.00+ in repairs, I have a lot into this Jeep, but I don’t have the time to love it. The minimum price set on this Jeep is way below what I have into it. It is a very good deal, now.”


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