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1948 CJ-2A w/trailer Stafford, Va eBay

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The seller provides a great deal of info, including links to the restoration of both the Bantam trailer and the Willys CJ-2A at the CJ-2A Forum.

“I am selling my 1948 CJ2A.  It starts and runs every time.  It is my daily driver.  Has all original running gear (Go devil engine and T90 Trans)

The winning bidder will also receive for FREE the matching 1945? Bantam trailer.  Fully restored to match the jeep.  New top, rims, electrical, tires, tongue box, hitch.

Currently registered and insured

All this was done within the last year and a half
Original Carburetor rebuilt
New body (Inner and outer windshield, tailgate, hood, fenders)
Has Willys stamp on all body parts
The whole body was replaced with a new one and coated with POR 15 to make it rust resistant!
The frame was sanded and coated with POR 15.
New Reproduction Wiring Harness
New 12V Starter
New 12V Alternator
New Ignition
New Spark Plugs and Wires
New Glass Bowl Fuel pump
Steering rebuilt (all seals and joints were replaced and or rebuilt)
New front and rear seats (made from Sunbrella waterproof material)
New Bikini Top (made from Sunbrella Waterproof material)
31″ tires (less than 1K miles on them)
Rear swing out tire carrier with matching rim and tire
2.5″ lift (rides much nicer than the stock suspension)
New Rims from JC Whitney
New Gauges
All oil flushed and filters replaced (engine, transmission/transfer case, differentials)
Functioning Turn Signals (to include hazards)
New 2″ trailer hitch and extension
New Intake/Exhaust Manifold
New full exhaust system
Rebuild heater
New locking center console with New Marine CD Player/ Amp/ and speakers hidden inside console.

Engine was rebuilt about three years ago
Brakes were completely redone by the previous owner and stop really well.
Refurbished Hard top with fully functioning doors with roll up windows.

Not much to list here
The paint is relatively new (last 5 months) but it does have a few surface scratches
The transmission does pop out of second every so often when you let off the gas suddenly
The trans has a small leak (about a dime size puddle after driving)
I do have a rebuilt transmission that comes with the jeep, just haven’t had time to put it in, and never had any problems with it.
E-brake works but doesn’t hold as tight as I would like”

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