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1969 DJ-5 or CJ-5 Pt. Loma, Ca $1400


It doesn’t run, but looks in good shape.

“1969 Postal Style Jeep . Custom paint, Upgraded electrical, Newer rims with new tires, Newer seats,
Rhino Lined Floor, Just about everything has been done to this car but the engine.
Does not run and is registered Non Op.
Plenty of room in Compartment for bigger motor or rebuild existing engine..
I bought this as a project for my son and, I but it’s not our thing.
If you can rebuild a motor this is an easy project.

Might trade for professionally built utility or enclosed trailer 5′ x 10″ or larger. $1400 619-322-8833”


8 Comments on “1969 DJ-5 or CJ-5 Pt. Loma, Ca $1400

  1. Shep

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a CJ5 grille? I had a ’76 DJ5D for parts once and it had the pop out grille in order to clear the AMC 232. Perhaps this has the 235 Buick so it doesn’t require the pop out grille.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    oops .. yep, it sure does. I guess I looked a little too quickly at this one. It also has 4wd. I’ll update it. Thanks!

  3. Shep

    Well I think it’s still a DJ5 by the sliding doors, but I’m sure there was a donor CJ5 used somewhere. Perhaps a DJ5 on a CJ5 frame?

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Yeah, but it does have the steering on the left hand side. Yeah, I suspect we won’t ever know for sure.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Robert: You’ll have to call the seller at the phone number above to learn more.

  6. Shep

    Well, by the position of the hand e-brake and the box around what appears to be the stock auto tranny, I bet it’s just a modified DJ5d. Some IH Scouts used the same tranny as these I beleive, so maybe they just used a transfer case from a Scout,and a CJ5 axle, to convert this.

  7. mmdeilers Post author

    My solution is to call it a DJ-5 or a CJ-5. Funny thing is, I saw another 1969 with the same setup tonight for $2000. I still couldn’t tell which is was!

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