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Stephen’s kids love the new jeep

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Stephen recently picked up this CJ-3A.  He’d always wanted a jeep and finally got one at age 50!  It turns out, the kids love it too.  In fact, he’s having a hard time keeping the kids out of it.  The kids wait for him to come home everyday to go for a ride.  Unfortunately, he’s having a little trouble with the valves and it’s just about broke their hearts that their fun has been interrupted.  As you can see, his little girl is very serious about her time in the jeep and still climbs in every day waiting to go.  Too cute!  It looks to me Stephen is having as much fun as the kids.  Thanks for sharing!



2 Comments on “Stephen’s kids love the new jeep

  1. Dan

    I can’t keep my kids out of the Jeep either. They like to turn the wheel back and forth and flip all the switches. I keep telling them that they are going to wear it our before I ever get a chance to drive it.

  2. Stephen

    HAHAHA… I think I have used that very phrase a few times myself. I figure they are just going to add to the project anymore. My uncle had an old flat fender I was fascinated with as a boy. He used to drive all over the Sierras with it to old ghost towns looking for treasures. Jeeps were a mainstay for my Tonkas and GI Joes. Now I get to have some fun with my kids with one. The two boys each got a ride to a job site in it on some highways up here in the hills. Wide eyed and smiling.

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