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Nellybelle to Attend The Great Willys Picnic June 12th

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Glenn sent me the following note:

“I just received a commitment from Pam Weidel that she and John B. Haines IV will bring Nellybelle out to play at The Great Willys Picnic in Lansford, PA on Sunday, June 12, 2011.  This will be, I believe, the first all Willys event for Roy Rogers famous CJ2A Jeep since Ms. Weidel purchased it last summer.  Nellybelle was at AACA Hershey last October and resides permanently in Mr. Haines Race Car / Truck Museum in Pennsburg, PA.  Don’t miss being there if you are anywhere nearby.  I’m traveling 500 miles to be in the middle of this Willys spectacle.”


One comment on “Nellybelle to Attend The Great Willys Picnic June 12th

  1. Dave

    I didn’t see at Hershey, but I visited the Roy Rogers Museum when it was in California, back in 1984.
    At that time they had a Jeep on display made up to look like the one on the show, but it was a 3B.
    Hopefully this is the real deal, but my question would be–How many existed???

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