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Summer in Alaska

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Paul reports that summer in Alaska has arrived, with temperatures reaching the blazing heat of the low 50s.  He tells me that the sun doesn’t set until 11:30 pm and sunrise is slightly before 4:30 am giving them 19 hours of daylight and five hours of twilight. While summer isn’t long, it sure is beautiful, as seen in Paul’s picture below.


4 Comments on “Summer in Alaska

  1. Kevin

    This picture gives me the same warm and fuzzy feeling I have towards my Willys Wagon….I don’t know what would happen if I was veiwing this thru the windshield of my Wagon…..

  2. Paul

    I was born here in Alaska when it was still a territory so I’ve been viewing this scenery for many years and I am still amazed with the beauty of this incredible land. Thanks for appreciating where I live.

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