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Year? CJ-2A Mecosta County, Mi $700


UPDATE:  Still Available.

(06/04/2011) There might be some value, but pretty rusty, too.

“Here we have for sale a 194? Willys Jeep.
The engine that came with this Jeep is totally machined at Ferris State Univerity back around 1984 or so, I have all new rings, bearings, seals, gaskets, distributer cap and rotor, plugs and wires, even a new thermostat, new pressure plate, clutch, and throw out bearing. The crankshaft and camshaft were also completely machined, and the valves were ground and the seats were done also, and the valve guides were knurlized. The pistons and rods were also balanced. The engine is still apart and sitting under my work bench where it’s been since around 1984 or so. I also have a complete extra engine that goes with the whole deal, last I knew that engine was said to have run but burned some oil, but since I never heard it run I don’t know what the condition really is on it as it has been under the work bench all these years.
The jeep has a hi/low range 3 speed transmission and a lever engaged transfercase. I have the grille and starter, alt, ect. ect. I am pretty sure that all the parts are there to put this back together, they have all been stored in a trailer out of the weather all these years, and the new parts for the engine have been stored under my workbench in the garage with the two engines.
I know that I’ll never make the time to put this together and figure that if I sell it cheap enough someone may get some use out of it.
I spent a lot of money to have the work done on the engine and all the new parts were $550 so I really think that $700 is a very fair price.
Thanks for looking at this listing. I left the link to email me but a call would be much better because I don’t check the email very often.
call 231-872-5119 and leave a message if you don’t get an answer.”


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