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Cherokees Don’t Make Good River Boats

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Brian forwarded this. Wait for the Jeep Cherokee and watch it float the river, or not float it. So, here is the question, you have a camera and someone you know is experiencing an emergency. Do you keep filming?


9 Comments on “Cherokees Don’t Make Good River Boats

  1. Brett

    idiots. look how long every one stands on shore. and do they want to get killed when that tow line snaps.

  2. Steve E.

    Answer: I guess if you’re a Russian cameraman, you keep filming.

    Ah, this is the reason my daddy always told me not to cross water in a car…. and we can also learn from the video that swimming across is not an option either. I only saw this once, and I kept telling the passenger on the far side not to try to swim across. I thought he was going to be swept downstream for sure. He must have heard me because he headed back toward shore. (lol)

    Now I can think of a reason someone would jack up a 4×4 6 feet in the air, high water crossing….(lol)

    But I’m not going to call them names, other than ignorant and inexperienced, unless they make the same mistake twice. Maybe I’ll watch it again just so I can call them names. (lol)

    Seriously, it’s a great video to see how powerful water can be and to be careful. On a positive note, they are traveling in a group. There is safety in numbers.
    **Steve E.**

  3. Brian Parmeter

    Never be down stream from a rig stuck in moveing water.If it dislodges,jeep+person+rocks=bad

  4. Dexter

    The guy who took five minutes to take his pants off, just floated away like a damn leaf. LOL!

  5. Brian 58 cj3b

    First time I have ever seen a Jeep pulled out by a guy in a Speedo, THAT’S JUST WRONG!

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