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South Side Garage in Littlefield, Tx

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Steve spotted a reference to this Jeep Garage over at Willys TechThe South Side Garage was started by Earl Dow.  There’s a nice bit written by his son:

I grew up in my dad’s shop drinking 5 cent cokes, eating watermelons the farmers brought by in the summer time, and watching my dad turn old jeeps into things of pure wonder. This site and it’s photos represent him, that shop, and the experience and hardware accumulated over those long years. The shop is not a museum. It’s an old-fashioned mechanic’s workplace where things are meticulously organized by piles. But, they are piles known by heart by my dad, and which contain parts that are often hard to find for those restorers working on their favorite Jeep. If you have come here looking for that one part that will help you get the Jeep restored or your more recent model repaired, maybe we can do you some good.


3 Comments on “South Side Garage in Littlefield, Tx

  1. Paul

    I was thinking I’d start my own business but I don’t want other peoples work to interfere with my playtime so I decided I’d have to specialze to narrow my customer base. I figure I’ll be the sheet metal guy on the Goodyear blimp. I might have to shorten the hours worked to less than the South Side Garage folks.

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