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Builds: Bill’s Wagon

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Bill forwarded some pics of his beautiful Wagon build.  I thought it was a stock rig until I saw the drag image.

This is my 1947 2WD Jeep wagon that I fixed up. It’s kida a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With the right wheels it looks kinda stockish. It is powered by a 540 BBC motor with a trubo 350 trans and a Dana 44 rear diff with a 4.10 gear and a True Trac. I have upgraded to a Rac steering and disc brakes.  It has a stock front suspension, so that’s why it looks so funny leaveing the line when I drag race. It runs low 11′ second in the quarter mile. It is driven as much as I can, and even take it out for a spin every Christmas. I do live about the 49th parallel.


5 Comments on “Builds: Bill’s Wagon

  1. Jeepen99

    Absolutely gorgeous…normally I like bone stock, but in this case, a lotta wolf is good! Jeepen!

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Isn’t this what they used to call a sleeper? In others words its appearence “lulls you to sleep” but it much more than it appears to be.

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