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Some Pasture Jeeping

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The weather has been perfect for driving in the jeep.  So, the boys and I have been cruising around Renton.  I have to say it’s a bit surreal to be driving along both the backroads and city roads in Biscuit, many of which I last drove 25 years ago in my last jeep.  No doubt my kids are tired of me saying things like, “I remember when ….” at which I go into some tale from my youth.

Yesterday I put the jeep into the horse pasture, or at least what was the horse pasture and is now an area full of grass, trees and bushes.  Karson got to explore a bit in the jeep, testing out the 4wd and learning to dodge trees.  He seemed to be having fun.  Here are a few pics.



4 Comments on “Some Pasture Jeeping

  1. David Eilers

    Mitch: Moved? yes … light wheeling .. yes, but I am still burning more oil than I would like (Next week I hope to bore the block and install the .030 pistons I have — first I have to clean dad’s garage). I just have to bring extra oil but the engine runs fine (if a little rich).

    Sunday I was driving in downtown Renton and ran across some classic car show. There were old custom cars everywhere. I guess that was the right group for me as I as getting waves and nods … the kids loved it.

  2. Mitch

    Down at Renton motorcycles? I see quite a few old car gatherings in their parking lot lately..maybe downtown HD…

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