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1952 Rare Ford M-38 Canada **SOLD**

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UPDATE2:  ***SOLD***

UPDATE: Roberto forwarded this link about M-38CDNs.

Brian built this nice looking rig.  Here’s a cool bit piece of history.  This appears to be 1 of 2,135  Ford-of-Canada assembled M-38s. This particular jeep has some unique features, including the most unusual tailgate latching system I’ve ever seen (are those car seat belt latches?).

“This is a Ford M38 Jeep, built under contract to Ford from Willys in 1952 for the Canadian Army. About 2600 were built. I have rebuilt this entire jeep, it now has a rebuilt 283 Chevy engine with a turbo 350 tranny. The engine has been moved back in the frame about 7 inches, the firewall was moved back very tastefully to accomodate. The engine has been extensively modified with: .040″ overbore, new flattop pistons, a lumpy Crane cam, Edelbrock intake and carb, Mallory distributor, Crane roller tip rocker arms and lots of chrome of course! The tranny was rebuilt, has a stock convertor and a mild shift kit, the jeep is so light it will chirp the tires in second gear! This Jeep handles extremely well and goes like a scared cat! A Griffin 5 row aluminum rad keeps the little beast cool.

The rear axle is an ’86 S10 unit that has been narrowed. Its running 3:42 gears and Moser axle shafts, the axle has been narrowed. The front axle is from an ’88 jeep Cherokee and has been narrowed too, it has 11″ disk brakes. Rims are American Racing ‘Slider’ 15×8 and 15×7 with BFG rubber 21570R15 and 25560R15. The axles have been narrowed so that the tires both stick out past the fenders the same amount front and rear.”


12 Comments on “1952 Rare Ford M-38 Canada **SOLD**

  1. Steve

    That is a pretty nifty tail gate latch. I could see how that could work if you weren’t real picky about being original. An improvement in functionality I would say.

  2. J.R. Welsh

    There’s alot of really nice work done there. To bad ( in my opinion) that it is on such a rare jeep.

  3. deilers

    I didn’t include all the seller’s info regarding this jeep, but he notes that this required extensive refabrication of the body. It was much more of a salvage operation than it might appear ….

  4. Brian Allin

    I’m the guy that built this jeep. It was a basket case when i bought it, being Canadian, it was rotten and bent too, the firewall was cut out with a cutting torch, total hack job. I built the entire body from the dash back, used a n.o.s. cargo floor. I built it the way i wanted to, i had no input from others. I have always had a vision to build a jeep like this, something different, with drivabilty and functionality in mind. Its no longer limited to a top speed of a screamin’ 55mph. Ya, its kinda rare, but there are still lots of original ones up here in Canada. The purists might scoff, other purists appreciate that one did get saved from the crusher and got put back on the road. It had a hard life on a farm before i got it. Yes it has a ’79 DJ front axle with a CJ5 gas tank. I used GM seatbelt buckles to keep it clean and simple, with what this paint cost, i don’t want ugly chain marks in it.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the additional info. Personally, I’ve never thought Canadians were rotten and bent — Having met quite a few, I always liked them 🙂

    It’s very clear you put a ton of thought and time into this. I thought the gm seatbelts were a creative solution. And as you say, they also won’t scratch the paint like the chains do.

    Really nice work!

    – Dave

  6. Brian Allin

    Thank you Dave! I put exactly 14 months into this one, start to finish, nights after work and weekends only. Any other info you would like just ask.

  7. Brian Allin

    My bad, i made an error with the front axle in my post above, this one has a narrowed 2wd axle out of an ’88 Cherokee in the front. Thats the problem with trying to keep 2 different jeeps straight. Other one is a ’47 CJ2A.

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